Haflinger Braids and Grooming Techniques

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Diamond braid (also known as lattice, afghan or macrame braid)

photo credits, left to right --BriarCroft(Marlee M&B) , Drafty Manor (Adamir NTF), Timepiece Sporthorses (Alsace M&B) Bottom K-Jen's Windfield (A-Cowboy)

Using small elastic bands, preferably white, separate out at least 20-24 pony tails across the top of the mane, wrapping each one twice with the elastic and keeping the size of each ponytail uniform. For the second row, combine the first full pony tail with half of the next, wrap twice about 1.5 inches below the first row of bands. Combine the remaining half of the second pony tail with half of the next pony tail to form a "diamond" and continue on across the row, ending with half a pony tail joined with the last full pony tail. Continue for four or five rows, depending on the length of mane. For easiest removal, clip each band with an embroidery scissors, taking care not to clip hair. We don't recommend pulling the bands out as it tears the hair and aggravates a patient horse.

This braid is suitable for dressage, showing in hand for conformation and English pleasure. It is not a good braid for jumping as it tends to "lift up" as a full sheet with the jump and can interfere with the rider's hands on the neck/reins.


French Braid

photo credits, Michelle Petersen, Oregon of Washakee, Strudel M&B and Stanley M&B, Timepiece Sporthorses, Washington

Depending on the thickness of the mane and whether it naturally falls double, you can french braid one side or both sides of the mane for a tidy appearance for showing in hand, dressage, or jumping. Starting at the poll, you braid down the neck, leaving 3 to 4 inches of mane above the braid, and secure the braid with an elastic at the bottom. If you braid too tightly, when the horse lowers its head, it will stretch out the braid, leaving it wavy, so braid fairly loosely, but securely.

Button braids (hunter braid)

Copper Beech Manor (Alleluia BCH)

Draft braids