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This page is devoted to kids who love Haflingers. Send drawings,stories,and poems or anything else you can think of to emily@haflingerhorses.com

photo courtesy of Grison Farms, Quebec

Buddy is my Daughter Alexandra's 10 year old Haflinger. Believe it or not he was a rescue! It is amazing to me that this incredible pony could be unwanted by anyone! He is an absolute LOVE! My daughter has been riding off and on since she was 3, she is now 10. She has had to face the tragedy of losing her daddy to a horrible and aggressive form of cancer. It was less than 1 year from diagnosis to passing. It will be 2 years in February and Buddy (Camelot is his real name) has brought her (and I) such joy and happiness, especially during the more difficult moments she still faces now and then. We have only had Buddy since April but he feels as though he has been a part of the family forever!


This is my 8 year old Haflinger mare, Mindi Sioux. We are two peas in a pod. We have the same mentality, fast and first! She rides western, english, australian, and I am teaching her to drive, and jump. I love her to death and I wouldn't mind having several halflingers! They are very good additions to any barn!  Shen Temple, Maine

  My name is Mikayla. Gus is a 12.2hh Haflinger gelding. He is 11 years old. I got him when I was 9. He is so calm around kids and can do just about anything. He is an amazing trail pony. I am hoping to start him on driving soon. I love him to death. He is my best friend.

My name is Emily and I am a 4 year old from Texas.  Haflingers are very rare down here so I feel super lucky to own my 6 year old registered gelding “Romeo”.  He is so gentle, loving, and patient.  I currently am learning to trot and Romeo is learning lead line skills so that we can start entering the lead line class together at the local shows.  Wish us luck!

These are pictures of my daughter, Kayla, on her seven year old mare Ellie's Emma.  We love this breed and would like to share our joy of owning a Haflinger with others.  Michelle


This is Amanda Petroski , one of our students with Newsboy (4 yrs.), winning their Beginner Pleasure class. We found this Haflinger at an auction when he was nine months old. He has been a dream to train and has quite the loving personality. He is always trying to please you. We love him. Since then we have acquired two more and are enjoying every minute with them.  Karen Barnard, Maple Crest Farm, Suffolk, Va.

This is my 6 year old haflinger Nebraska he is #1. We bought him when I was ten. He is a british purebred and was not gelded till he was three as he was going to be a stallion. This time last year I would not have got on him after he had thrown me about 12 times and we had thought we had made a big mistake buying him. He was trouble. Everytime he threw me off I became terrified of him. It was heart breaking. When I got to my last fall I had had enough. He bucked & I fell then he ran two steps then walked over me and I would not get back on him. Last year I was ready to sell him and I did not think I would ever get back on any horse. Then I met Bramble. He was a sweet little pony and gave me all my confidence back. Most of the stuff I do now with Nebraska is out on hacks but I look forward to getting on with jumping this season. Nebraska and I are now one and are never apart. I love his cheeky character and his funny ways and now I would never sell him for anything in the world.   
From Georgina now 13, Sheffield, England.

Hi,  my name is Kenya and this is Tucker and we live in Ontario Canada, he's an 8 year old Haflinger cross.  I am 10 and we have been showing for 3 years now.  Only walk/trot but I can't wait cuz this coming season we will be going up a level.

14 y.o. Sophie Caswell riding her gelding "Chico" in a horse event in the United Kingdom

I bought Poppy with no papers in April 2004, she 14.2hh, 15 year old and she is my best friend. Poppy is very good with my two girls, one at 11 year old and the other one of 22 months. Poppy is very gentle and very kind when my little one is around, she will take a carrot from so gentle. its so sweet to see. she will let my little one groom her and walk under her tummy and cuddle her legs. She jumps very high, so much I can't stay on! I always fall off, so I do dressage instead. she puts her all in to learning new things. She loves going on long rides and exploring new places. She's the best pony going!!!!!!!Dina Hollingsbee

My name is Randall Wiseman.  I am 15 years old, and got my first haflinger about three years ago.  I love this site and have learned so much about the breed from it.
My haflinger's name is Woodstock (Woody), he is a four year old gelding.  I got him as a christmas present three years ago (he was a yearling, and the BEST present any girl could wish for)!  I have done 110% of his training (the first horse I have ever trained) and he is doing GREAT!  We have just started our fox hunting season, and this is his first year out in the hunt field, he is a dream to hunt!  He is the REAL gift that keeps on giving!

7 year old Remiah Schartel with her first horse, Copaleen, Haflinger mare. Salem, Indiana

Stephanie Stout of Oregon riding Steamboat Willie in a schooling dressage show

Solo, Haflinger gelding entertaining Carol Petrie's grandchildren in Snowflake, Arizona

Pencil drawings by Emily VanderHaak, Tokyo, Japan

The Gifford family and their Haflingers out for a stroll

Katy, 5 yr old haflinger with Corynne (3 yrs) and Josie Moody (7mths). They love their sweet natured mare. She is a joy for her new family.

On the Gifford farm, four sisters Meghan (6) on Abracadabra YMF, Molly (9) on Amika, Ellie (3) on Merlin's Touch YMF and Abbey (4) on Limoges 4DA and then they swap horses for a hug!

I have a 6 year old haflinger that I compete with in the hunter ring. I'm 14, and I've had him for 3 years. He is wonderful, and jumps 2'6" like a dream. When we first started showing 3 years ago, we got some strange looks. There aren't many haflingers that jump in Western PA, and he definitely wasn't like the thoroughbreds everyone was so used to! However, everyone has gotten used to him and his interesting antics. He had his mind made up for a while that the decorative bushes (and haybale jumps) were mid-course snacks! He also enjoys neighing at the judge and spectators as we go around the ring. He still needs some work, but has done very well and proved to everyone he's much more than just a pretty face! Nico (his show name is Nico Take Me Away) has spurred an interest in the haflinger in our area, and everyone finds him adorable! In addition to being an excellent jumper, Nico is also my best friend. What a wonderful breed haflingers are!

Natalie and Nico

Liz Dickson and her buddy Willapa at the fair

Lea Gibson and gelding Amos


Haflingers by Emily Vander Haak, age 14, Silver Spring, Maryland

The Fledgling

by B.K. England

Pegasus discovered a lovely young mare,
grazing in an Alpine meadow.
Her mane and tail were as white and abundant
as his own, but her coat shone like a golden coin.
Enchanted by her beauty and gentle ways,
Pegasus lingered for many days.
Imagine everyone's surprise the following Spring,
when the little mare gave birth to a very special foal!
Like his mother, his coat was spun gold,
his mane and tail as white as mountain snow.
But from his shoulders, shining in the morning sun,
grew a pair of tiny, downy-feathered wings.