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This page is devoted to people who have just purchased their first purebred Haflinger and would like to submit a photo and brief description of their new horse

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Abby Rose is a 2 and half year old, blonde bombshell on 4 legs, she is a delight!  We especially love her curious, in-your-pocket personality; so entertaining and lovable, not to mention one of the wonderful attributes of her breed.

Abby arrived to us at the end of June, when the fields were tall and needed mowing.  Well, she certainly did the trick (on a gradual turnout basis) she chomped down those wild and willy fescues pretty good here at the Berg'nBerry Farm in quaint Wayne, Maine.

Happy being a pasture ornament this summer, next summer we will start training Abby under saddle and to drive. We're working on ground training and the basics for now.  Very smart and always willing, she wishes only to please us in whatever way she can.

Abby is our love bug who runs to us when called, nickers when we arrive home, a nuzzler when we brush and love on her, and a pickpocket when you're least suspecting.  An excellent breed choice, Abby, our Haflinger princess has become the delight of our life!

Home of "Berg'nBerry Farm"
Wayne, ME

LaRissa has given many rides to many of our little town's kids, and she has been a great Haflinger ambassador, and today at the saddle shop, which was right by the interstate, we had a parade of cars driving by and ooohing and aaawwwing over her, and a couple of kids got to sit on her and have pictures made.  I told my husband we needed to start a weekend business! 
Michael and Angie Hipp


This is Fin, his name before me was Rocky.  He is a 4 year old gelding.   His previous owners lost his papers but there is no mistaking that he is a haflinger.  I didn't spend much, but he came to me green and halter broke.  We teach each other each time we spend time together, and I have really enjoyed teaching him to trust me even when I am doing seemingly scary things like shaking a plastic bag around his head.  He is more like a dog than a horse and I am enjoying him.  Can't wait to get  him on the trail.  When he came home with me he was over weight, winter shaggy and he is sleek, dappled and handsome.  Can't wait for the adventure to continue. Sara Stilley

This is Fiona, my 7-yr.-old 15-2H Haflinger mare on our first trail ride last summer. I bought her for Dressage, driving and trail. She is very smart and easy to work with, although sometimes opinionated and stubborn! I am a 65-yr.-old rider.  Carla Inman

Hi, I’m Tanoka, this is my owner, Kenzie. We do showmanship, trail riding, and groundwork. I’m not totally trained but everyone likes me. I just started cantering with my kid.

This is Giselle TOF. We traded a green mare for her and named her Honey. I started leasing her and bought her for Christmas last year. I do hunters on her and she loves it.  She is also only in my lesson and it amazing! I love her very much!  Sabrina

hello all! - my best friend Lucy is a 6 year young haflinger. we bought her after I lost my arab mare tia who was so sweet, and lucy has become my buddy. she is too darn smart, a pickpocket, no putting hoof picks in your back pocket, it will be gone! we are longlining her with lots of groundwork to pull the meadowbrook cart. she has experience as a work horse we got her from the amish. she is very affectionate and I love her!

Hi I'm Anna, and this is my new four-legged friend Winchester "Chester".  We've only been buddies a few months, but it was love at first sight.  Though I embarrass him and call him cutesy names, he always comes running to the gate for me, especially if I have a horse cookie for him-  in fact, he'll try to eat anything- even his ribbons!

Huck is a 14yo gelding I got as a freebie. He has been the typical Haflinger honest, loyal, and loving. He and my daughter are the best of friends, he tolerates her imperfections and inexperience and is willing to do whatever is asked of him. Huck is a wonderful horse and we are blessed to be owned by him.  The Saunders Family in North Carolina

I had looked a long time for a Haflinger when I found a quiet 5 year old mare in the Kansas City area.  Molly is a great little horse!  She isn't bothered by the deer and elk on our property in Colorado, and is always waiting by the gate for her next meal! 
      (from Patti Valasek)

Leo has been more than interesting. He has so much curiosity and personality. Having a Haflinger amongst the family is like having another pet. We do adore him, he does challenge us at times. Kat and Laura

hi, my name is Caramac and this is my mum Joanne..we have only been together a few months but we are totally smitten with each other. I have so many gorgeous photos of me it was hard to choose but mum likes this one because I'm giving her a cuddle

Hi! This is a picture of my very first Haflinger, Lola. I had always loved the breed from a far but thought it was strictly a pony breed. I stumbled on the Haflinger booth at Equine Affaire this year though and learned that they come in small horse sizes too. I was so excited that I spent the next few weeks researching them on the internet and within just 6 weeks I had bought my own golden godess, Lola! She is not only beautiful, but intelligent and so sweet. I keep pinching myself because I can't believe she's mine!! Tamara Jones, Norco, CA

This is Jessie a 14hh 10 year old cob x Haflinger, Mare. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me, Jessie and me have got a very special bond, I agree a horse is a person's best friend! a bond that you couldn't separate. She's got the kindest nature ever, she's the very first haflinger i've ever had! and will only be the BEST.  Harriet.(U.K) 

My name is Kathy Moore and here are our haflingers.  On the left or near side is Ocean Wave Beauty, aka Tator.  She is a four-year-old registered mare I purchased in August 2007.  On the right or far side is Weaver, my husband’s three-year-old grade haflinger gelding we just purchased.  Driving them, is Lynn Ferrie of Slipknot Haflingers in Begley, MN were we are learning how to drive them ourselves.  I love this breed of horse and we are grateful for friends like Lynn and Linnae Ferrie to help us along in discovering all the breed has to offer.

Donna and Wrambler in Ontario, CanadaHe is a dream come true. When I met him for the first time it was love at first sight. He so patient, gentle, and loving, I couldn't ask for a better partner. When he gets his grain, I always take him by the halter and lift his nose up to kiss him... now he just puts his nose up to my face so I can kiss him and he can get on with eating his goodies.

Thalia and her new Haflinger mare O Mai LMP on Long Island, New York

This is my new Haflinger Mule "Amos". I know he's not your standard registered Haflinger but I think he is awesome!! He has all of the personality of the Haflinger with the stamina of a mule. He loves attention and cookies. Amos came to us a little shy of people but in the little bit of time that he has been at our farm he has really come out of his shell. He's an awesome trail mule too! He's the best mule EVER!!

Sherry Bunting, NC

Hi, I'm Brendan Soeteber and this is my horse Hannah.  I just love her! She's 3 1/2 and I'm 2 1/2 so we are close to the same age. I ride her all over the fields here in SE Wisconsin.....with mom and dad by my side of course!"

My name is Mercedes and this is my mom Andrea.  We live in Chetek Wisconsin. I first met mom the summer of 2006 at a riding stable . When I saw Mom for the first time I knew I wanted her. I just turned 11years old April 15, am a good boy who knows what he wants.  She worked at the riding stable that I was living at all summer and we were inseparable. Every one could see that we were meant for each other. I even ignored the other people at the stable so I would not come to them so they would have to call her over to get me !! :) :). That fall she bought me and we have been having fun ever since. We go out on trail rides  a lot and do  everything  together. I would not trade mom for the world. Every one wants to take me from her but I won't let them.  Mercedes and  (Andrea)

Just wanted to share with you my recent addition, Malibu Barbie (aka 'Annie')! She is a stunning 4 year old 14.1hh Haflinger mare who is brimming with character, mischief and athleticism. She loves people and tries her best to please. When I used to board her, she jumped the five foot paddock to go graze on greener grass, and over a wheelbarrow when she was turned out in the indoor arena. Annie is a pleasure to go out and see every morning and own now that she is finally living at home with me! -Heather Frydendahl

Hi, I just got my Haflinger 3 weeks ago!! He is 6 years old. His name is Maverick's Flying DTK but we call him mister finnegan!  He's the perfect little guy for me! He's calm enough for my mom to learn to ride, but had tons of energy and cheakyness as soon as I get on!  He also likes to eat shoes, I think he may be part dog. Jayda

hi my name is Winston, a 6 year old haflinger pony in Virginia. I love going on trail rides and doing easy work in the arena!! My owner Lisa Harris is still training me and right now I'm working on cantering and jumping (i like the jumping part).

I wish I had known that haffies are nothing like arabs. I spent my childhood thinking they would be just alike in personality so I never took a second look until......I met my very first! In the flesh, surrounded by 18hh belgians, managing to push through the group and stuck his pretty little round head out under the huge drafts. I was in love!  His registered name is Alto, but he suits CoCo Puff better, since the first thing I noticed were his deep chocolate eyes and bleachy blond pouf of mane and tail. This is my very first day with my very first Haflinger and I'm already zapping to every website, bookstore and haffie know-it-alls in reach! This beauty is a 4 y/o gelding and almost 14.5hh. I am so ecstatic to start the journey of the haflinger lifestyle. and YES I will ride and drive with a smile on my face knowing that every person who sees him will take a second, third, and fourth glance before they reluctantly resume what they were previously doing!  He's green broke now, and so eagerly waiting to giddy-up. For the first time in my life, I truly feel ready for any situation that we may cross; and it's a feeling I always thought I had with other horses but now I know the TRUE Haflinger difference.  -jess, Granby CT

We had always had quarter horses but with recent health problems I thought it was best to ride in a buggy instead of on the back of a horse. I studied all of the draft breeds and found the Haflinger. I do not know why I never noticed them before. They are beautiful animals. After a long search for a Haflinger mare trained to drive we found her! Alice LJH (Allie) is the perfect Haffie for us. She is a registered 4 year old mare and I just love her. She is as perfect as they come. She has a forever home with me. Now we plan to find another one. You can never have too many Haflingers.
Linda in NC

My mother-in-law just gave my 4 year old son Loren a Haflinger filly.  We are Arabian people and so don’t know a lot about Haflingers, but we just love this little girl.  She was bred by my mother-in-law who owns both of our filly’s parents.  Her name is Crown Princess Catalina.  We call her “Cat” for short.


This is Alfalfa. He is a registered 14.2 Haflinger. I have always dreamed about having my own Haflinger, and when I found him I knew he was the one! I found him online while I was searching around for Haflingers in my area. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the one I wanted. so I contacted the owner and asked about him. Next thing I knew 2 weeks later he was at my house. I never even looked at him before I bought him, because I knew he was the one. when he arrived at my house and got off the trailer alls I saw was his blonde mane and tail. His mane is so wavy, and long and he has a wonder full thick tail that reaches touches the ground .He is like a GIANT puppy. When ever I go outside he will yell for me and run right to the gate, and when I walk into the barn he stops me and searches my pockets for treats! I LOVE him so much and I am so happy that I have him!  Tiffany

Eleonora Caporali of Italy with Questa e' Christall

All the horses we ever had were for our children.  We had a kid horse, a trail horse, a therapy horse, and even a hunter/jumper.  FINALLY it was my turn.  For myself, I chose a Haflinger.  This is Muffin.  She is ten years old.  She has a home with me forever.  Joy Gee

This is our new Haflinger "TY" he is registered, 14.2 hands, and the whole family is in love with him.  He has a "dog like" personality.  As you can see, he will sit still for pictures wearing silly hats or to be hugged.  Three of my children can hang on him at once, and he won't move a muscle.  He is sure footed, and being that he is my first horse, he has been very patient with me. He had been through atleast three previous owners, two of which were trail riding barns.  He needed a home of his own and a family to love him.  He is a blast to ride.  He won first place and the first horse show that we entered him.  He will come to the fence to greet me when I get out of my car at night.  I'm already looking for another Haflinger for my husband to ride. 

He came with no papers. He cost less than the saddle he will ride under. He does not know anything about riding or being ridden. He has rain rot, a tangled tail, feet that have never seen shoes and is at 
least 50 pounds overweight.But in just the three weeks, STANLEY found his way into my heart, deeper than any horse ever has. He comes to the gate when I call his name. He lets my 3 year old and 
my 1 year old children walk around him without twitching so much as a tail muscle. He follows me around, as calm as a summer day, even when my baby son screeches in delight. Sometimes I wonder 
if he is a dog in horse clothing.I didn't ever consider a Haflinger, didn't even know of the breed, when I started riding at a Saddleseat barn 10 years ago. I had a morgan who was beautiful, but a bit of a 
jerk at times. I enjoyed him, but never grew deeply attached to him. But if a day goes by without a visit to see Stanley, I notice. I look forward to seeing him, just petting him and scratching his ears. I 
just love spending time with him. And I can't even ride him yet. That will come, I'm sure.For now, Stanley is the horse I dreamed of as a little girl. The one who would follow me around in the paddock 
and nuzzle me with his sweet nose and come when I whistled.I am so glad he has joined my family.
Giselle Rec    Kennebunk, Maine

This is my new horse Mighty Late V V H. (we call him Charlie) I am 36 years old and have been thru a bunch of horses in the past few years trying to find one that would suit me. Well, 5 horses and 2 mules later "Charlie" came along. He has more personality than all the others put together and he's cute as a button to boot!! I just don't know what it is about this breed that drew me to him but he is perfect. Well, in my eyes he is. I can honestly say he is one of the most sure footed horses I have ever trail ridden. Thanks, Sherry Bunting ~ Asheboro, North Carolina

Marcoale Terigi and her stallion Weeping Willow (in Italy)

Lyla, my brother's Haflinger pony. She is soo cute. She is a little 12.3hh light palomino Haflinger mare. Ok, here is the story, I had wanted a Haflinger for quite some time. I went with my friend to an Amish auction where there were a bunch of Haflingers. She ended up getting 2, A tall lean one with a long mane, and the other a tank, with a torn mane and stumpy legs. I met up with the tank, who was later named Lyla, and I fell in love with her. I don't know why and I don't know how, but I did. About a month or two later my friend Grace, who bought her, gave her to me free of charge. She didn't really like or behave for me, but she is GREAT for my brother so I gave her to him. She doesn't have emotions. It's weird, I only know of two things she likes, my brother and Barrel Racing. She is actually fairly good.


I had a haflinger cross pony mare for my kids and we had to put her down 2 yrs ago this Oct, we loved Amber so much. She was 28 yrs young. I 
always vowed I would someday get a full haflinger. Well my dream came true July 22-2006. I am now the proud owner of a 4 yr old reg halfinger 
mare (Evening Rose PGF) and her colt (Ice). They had quite a drive, my twin sister Sandy and I drove to In from Waller Tx to pick them up. They have setteled in 
Great. I'm looking forward to riding and showing Rose and Ice. Cindy Green, Waller TX

Introducing Max and Gumbo, our first Haflingers. They are three-year old half brothers, best friends, and
partners in crime. Poor guys are adjusting to the move from their childhood home of lush pastures in southern
Missouri to our scrappy little farm in northwest Arkansas where they must traverse rocks, creeks and
steep hills-and that's just to get breakfast. They will be home-schooled for now using natural horsemanship
principles in hopes that they will be safe, reliable trail partners who like to explore our beautiful
surroundings as much as we do. And we'll look forward to training and trail tips from our new Haflinger Friends along the way. Pam Floyd

This is me Elissa Lennon, and my new horse Mr. Candi Man, aka Sonny! I got
him Oct. 5, 2004. I absolutely ADORE him!!!! He's only two years old, and
I'm training him by myself. He knows alot for a 2 year old. I am having SOO
much fun with him!!He's the best horse ever! Haflingers ROCK!!! Here he is
in the winter with me.

My name is Caroline Pelletier and this is my new Haflinger. I got him
for my birthday last October and since then I'm just in love with Haflingers!
My horse is a fabulous 4 years old gelding call WES (Welkom NTF (Wallstreet NTF)
X Elegant TOF (Aristocrat TOF)). He measures 14'3 hands and does driving,
dressage and jumping! He has elegant gaits and a very good temperament. He is
presently at Gerval Haflinger Farm in Quebec, Canada.

I have attached a picture of my Christmas present: a beautiful loving 7 year-old Haflinger. This is the first horse that is my very own. I have been taking lessons for some time now, and I have won some ribbons and a reserve champion, 2nd place trophy. I am only 6 years-old, and I am in love with horses and my riding. My dream is to go to the Olympics one day.

Ernie, my Haflinger, is a warm chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. He has four white sox with a white blaze. Ernie is so loving. The first moment I saw him, he took a treat and smiled at me. I love him so much, and I know that we will make a wonderful pair.
Billie Noel Long & Ernie
Westminster, Maryland 

Hi my name is Lieke van Velzen. The horse on the photo is BECKY she is my Haflinger I love her very much!! I got her a month after my father past away and she helped me through the difficult times! She is 7 years old. when I got her she was 6 and all she could do was run hard or walk slow. she couldn't jump. Now she can almost every thing I ask her. the things she likes the most are playing with other horses and taking a long walk in the woods. She also likes jumping as you can see on the photo. This was just in a lesson and its 90cm high (I think is really high given she couldn't jump at all last year) we have done a few show now and I got the 3rd 2nd an 2x a 1st place with her!! I'm really proud of her! lots of love Lieke van Velzen of the Netherlands (and BECKY of course)