Haflinger Poems

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King of the Mountain
A bright chestnut horse
Like a ray of sun
The Austrians tell of
The mountain he's from

His spirit so gentle
His stride long and free
King of the mountain
And he always will be

His coat is golden
And his mane is white
His eyes are dark and
Starry like night

So willing to please
Young and old will agree
King of the mountain
And he always will be

In both war and peace
Great stories are told
Of a brave chestnut horse
With a heart of pure gold

Now Americans are discovering
What Austrians knew
For the king of the mountain
Has won their hearts too.

by Jennifer Reandeau and Margaret Sallstrom 2009


   Some may call me a pony.
   They may make fun of me because I am small.
   But, I love pulling my cart.
   I come running when the children call.
   I will gladly hit the wooded trail.
   Up and down the hills in the fall.
   I can pull a sleigh with bells a ringing
   in the winter while the snow falls.
   I am a mighty Haflinger
   The most amazing breed of all.

   By: Alexis Crites, age 12


Whether Haflingers or Haffies, I love them all;
Either running in fields, or standing in a stall.

Even when bathing an owner (in your own unique way);
Or chasing a friend - out in the pasture today.

The wind is blowing that lovely white mane;
Which soon could be dreadlocks ... after a rain!

I watch you cantering around the pond --
And ponder the majesty of how you do bond.

You see me approaching, you trot to the gate;
Do you want to ride now or would you rather wait?

You nuzzle my hand, do you seek a treat,
a cookie, a carrot ... an apple to eat?

Would you like me to brush you and saddle you up?
Then stand very still like a good little pup!

Let's first ride some circles in the arena today;
then we'll hit-the-trails and be on our way.

We'll see mountains and vistas before we are done;
As we ride through this life, together as one.

Ah, the way you love people does us all proud;
For your sweet, kindly nature quietly speaks very loud.

Judy in Tennessee

Maggie's Hug

by Laura Benson, Ontario, Canada

I had a big hug from a horse last night..
These days such treats are quite few.
My day had been bad, my week even worse,
But my little Maggie, she knew.
I didn't know what to expect from her,
As I buried my face in her hair.
It seemed sort of strange, and yet somehow just right,
That this little horse would so care.
Her soft velvet nose buried deep in her hay,
How silly to think she would share.
But when she heard my soft cry
She turned her head with a sigh,
"I know life's not always fair".
She nuzzled my side as I continued to hold her,
But when I seemingly gave no response,
She lifted her nose, blew soft in my ear,
And then rested her head on my shoulder.
Now, I've had all kinds of great horses, it's true,
Which I've cared for through many a year
But none have seemed kinder,
Nor tugged my heart stronger,
Than this sweet little Haflinger mare.
So the next time I'm feeling rather lonely or blue,
I know exactly the thing I should do.
I won't need a drug, or an alcohol jug
Nor any strange medicine new
I'll head straight for the barn,
And I won't give a darn
Whether anyone else is in view.
I'll look for the forelock and the big gentle eyes,
That tells me my Maggie is there.
Then I'll throw the door open, abandon my pride
And bravely my soul I will bare,
My heartstrings will tug, and my cares I will shrug
As I give my dear Haffie a Hug!!


Haflinger Heaven

by Brenda Strack, Wisconsin

There's a warning you'd better take heed
in this barn lurks that haflinger breed
and the tug they will bring on your every heart string
will make owning one simply a need

and after youv'e purchased that one
you'll be in for immeasurable fun
but you'll soon find its true that you have to have two
and even at two you're not done

cause with two you'll be happy with glee
but start dreaming of haflingers three
so a shopping you'll go with your trailer in tow
and I sure hope you come to see me

Now at three you won't think you need more
but most breeders are hitching up four
if you want to compete you will need sixteen feet
so I guess you'll be getting one more

soon it's five, on to six, up to seven.
you're now entering HAFLINGER HEAVEN
you'll lose yet more control when your mares start to foal
and your head count will rise to eleven

yes for many this saga's been true
they had one and then how their herd grew
Haflinger ownership contagious, my friend that's outragious,
you'll never own them, THEY'LL OWN YOU!

Haflinger Pie

by Nate Gibson, age 13, Washington

Haflinger Pie, sung to the tune of "American Pie" by Don McLean

Verse 1
A long long time ago,
I can still remember
Scooping poop into piles.
And I knew if I had my way
I'd stop cleaning for the day,
and maybe I'd be happy for awhile.

But afternoons made me shiver
With every load that I'd deliver.
Piling higher and higher,
I couldn't pile much higher.

I can't remember if I cried
When I lifted up that pitchfork high
But something touched me deep inside,
and so I really tried...

Chorus: Bye Bye this here Haflinger Pie
I scooped the poop from the shavings,
so the shavings were dry.
Them good old boys, eating barley and rye,
Sayin' "The more I eat, the more I supply,
The more I eat, the more I supply."

Verse 2
Did you learn how to clean a barn,
And handle life on a farm?
If your parents tell you to.

Now do you believe in Haflingers?
Can horses teach you how to work?
And can you show me how to scoop real slow?

Well, I know that I'm in love with them
Which is why I write this horsey hymn
They all kicked off their shoes
Man, I dig those Haflinger blues!

I was a lonely teenage broncin' buck
With a Haflinger horse and no pickup truck
But I knew I was out of luck
The day the poop piled high.

Chorus: And so I'm singing,
Bye bye this here Haflinger pie,
I scooped the poop from the shavings
So the shavings were dry.
Them good old boys, eating barley and rye,
Sayin' "The more I eat the more I supply,
The more I eat, the more I supply!"


Quiet Horses

by Cathy Morris, Oregon

To My Haflinger Horses:

Love rides on quiet horses,
Needing not the more fantastic poses.
Standing solid against the wind;
Strength on strength built from within.

Love rides on quiet horses,
Striding simply forth upon their courses.
Bright coats that lighten the broken land;
Still warm and soft against the rider's hand.

For those who lived a passionate life,
Kissed with fire and tipped in strife,
Playing now this, the more quiet song;
Knowing now, what was right all along.

Love rides on quiet horses.

Haflingers - A Friend Indeed

by Cindy Poefinger Enzian Haflingers Nth Qld. Australia

The way the Haffies are
with their sympathetic nature;
Big brown eyes,
warm fuzzy muzzles -
The Haffie - A friend indeed.

They never judge us
or criticise our ways.
Forever there to greet us -
The Haffie - A friend indeed.

When things go wrong
and you have no-one to talk to.
Or you need a shoulder to cry on
to pour your heart out to -
The Haffie - A friend indeed.

Who is it that greets you
with a heart-melting neigh
And walks at your shoulder
no matter where you go? -
The Haffie - A friend indeed.

So it is an honour to know
such fine loving animals,
And as friends come and go
there is nothing that can match -


A Haflinger Stole My Heart by Cindy Poefinger, Australia

You get a glimpse and see them there
Their fox-like coats and blonde, blonde hair
Those eyes they have are oh so warm
And before you know it, your heart is gone.

You get that urge, a want, a need
To own a Haffie, such a wondrous steed.
It's no use to fight this urge so strong
And without this horse life would feel so wrong.

Money is tight, but for this horse we must spend
To own such a wondrous, life-long friend.
We go without the awaited VCR
And even forego that dreamed of car.

No other horse can compete
With this special animal that just loves to eat.
Their antics amuse us and bring a smile to our face
Even in fun they have such wonderful grace.

This blonde-haired beauty with a curious nose
Reminds me daily of the friend that I chose.
No other do I hold so dear to my heart
And neither Heaven or Earth could tear us apart.

The Haflinger Horse was sent from above
For all of us here to comfort and love.
So let's all rejoice and say a small prayer
So we don't all forget those Haflingers there.

Haflinger Poem by Diana Gee, California

Oh golden steed
of yore and anon
you are that
which we wish upon

your eyes so
bright and clear
with that kind
look we hold dear

our friendship dreams
you hold fast
I'm certain that
they will last

in your sturdy body
we do trust
that this fragile form
will not kiss the dust

Golden steeds, I salute you
one and all
a finer friend
I do not recall

Haflinger Poem by Norma Cody

A horse I'm looking for
A horse just for me.
One to be a friend
To go driving with me

I've looked at the ponys
I've looked at the mules
But its got to be special
And those just won't do.

I hear "check out a haflinger"
You'll be surprised!
They are just what you want
And just the right size.

There sturdy and strong
With a mind and a heart
They'll take you wherever
You'll just have to start

So I go to a farm
That has just three
There not for sale
But my hearts skips a beat

He knows of a young one
That might just do
Do I want to go look
Well of course, wouldn't you?

We drive to the house
They are out behind
I go down the path
And about lose my mind

There he is!
What a beauty!
My heart starts to race
It's love at first sight
I've got a bad case.

But he is a young one
And I'm old and tired
A trained one I should get
but my mind has retired!

I'll take him I say
No other will do
He will be my new friend
My partner it's true

I've seen many horses
And tried out a few
But when I found a haflinger
No other would do!!