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Wanted:  Biothane team harness for pair of hafingers, 14.2 H and stout.  Am looking for a synthetic harness in good repair with a breast collar (not a neck collar with hames.)  Contact Mary-Beth  262-490-8156  or email  mbireland2000@yahoo.com


Looking for a gelding Haflinger 14.3+ for trail riding along the ocean down Cape Cod. Would need to be happy by himself and safe on trails. Plenty of love and excellent barn home.
Jan Rushton  rushton@rcn.com


We are semi-retired with grandchildren, our gentleman farm needs a Haffy or two to be complete. We seek a laid back, bomb proof, mature, experienced trail Haflinger, mare and/or gelding.  Personality and temperament are most important to us so must be affectionate and reliable.  Possess good barn/fence manners, be of sound health and hoof. Our farm of 20 acres lies in the lakes region of central Maine and boasts 2 lush fields, a small heated stable plus run-in shed.  Contact Kim Bergman, Kimberlybergman@live.com

Upper Central States

I am looking for a team of Haflingers, they need not be broke, and located in upper north central states, or Mt.or Minn.
 Email ljb@min.midco.net  Call  701-278-0778


I am looking for a team suitable for beginner.  The Team should be located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or California (although we are willing to look back east).  Prefer Riding and driving Halflingers and hopefully, they have been together at least 4 years. 


I am located in Washington State and my email address for responses is: trimooleorose@yahoo.com

British Columbia

Wanted safe Haflinger.Trail riding only and I ride alone, so I need safe , calm and not herd bound. Have my own small hobby farm and hay fields, so no boarding and no lack of good hay.  I will be a loving forever home to the right safe , sweet Haflinger.
Gina .250-752-6954. Vancouver Island B.C.